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Hairstylists are unlikely to be able to give a neat answer to this question, because keratin hair straightening can be done before and after a holiday at the sea.

However, there are some nuances and tips on when to get the procedure.

If you have porous, repeatedly colored hair, which is often get tangled , sea water will exacerbate its condition and combing will be discomforting. In this case, it is recommended to get keratin treatment done before the holiday, in order to protect hair from the effects of sea water, sun and wind. Then, after the holiday, the hair condition does not worsen, only exposure time of the procedure will diminish.

When hair is fine, keratin treatment can be done in order to preserve the hair condition and shorten the time for styling and hair care during the holiday 

If before the visit to the sea it was not possible to get a restorative procedure for the hair, you can safely get it done after returning home. Keratin straightening perfectly nourishes and moisturizes hair, which lost its shine and smoothness. A tanned skin and shiny hair will long please the eye and remind of a wonderful vacation!