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Set Botox for hair BTX ACID 2*500 ml.

All products of the BTX line are developed using exclusive DDA technology, which allows to effectively restore hair, due to deeper penetration of active ingredients and their retention in the internal structure of hair.

Amino Acid Kit Botox for Hair BTX Acid Thermo Mask with blue pigment is a universal reconstructor, suitable for disciplining and restoring all types of hair. Suitable for especially sensitive and allergy-prone masters and customers, as it works on acids. Effectively strengthens hair, removes fluffiness, gives shine, facilitates combing. Has a cumulative effect.

Action: up to 4 months

Active ingredients: collagen, cysteine, hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, Shea butter, Argan oil, wheat and soy proteins, scarlet barbadenis, olive oil, hydrolyzed keratin, amino acids.

€ 90.00