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Classic keratin composition Ultra Liss Cacao & Acai absorbed all the most powerful and nutritious ingredients. It is created for progressive keratin straightening and strengthening of hair. It is intended for strongly curly, rigid, curly, rebellious and ethnic hair, and also for hair of the mixed type. Suitable for dyed and clarified hair of low, medium and high damage. Efficiently and strongly straightens, nourishes and strengthens hair, removes fluffiness, gives shine and fixes the styling.

Action: 4-6 months

Active ingredients: hydrolyzed keratin, hyaluronic acid, extracts: cocoa, cinnamon bark, acai berries and Senegalese acacia; olive and coconut oils, wheat and soy proteins, amino acids.

Does not contain formaldehyde, does not cause allergies, does not zhirnit hair. The aging time is 10-20 minutes.

Step 1: Ultra Liss Deep Clean Shampoo Cacao & Acai step 1 Ph 9

Step 2: Ultra Liss THERMO Mask Cacao & Acai step 2 Ph 4,5

Step 3: Ultra Liss Ultrarich Shine Mask Cacao & Acai step 3 Ph 3,5

€ 115.00